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Body Weight Training At Home

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Are you unable to hit the gym every day? Do you have a gym membership but are not making time and integrating workouts into your routine?  

This blog will elaborate on body weight training men and women can do at home to stay fit and healthy. These exercises and workout routines will help the fitness freaks to carry out their regular workouts at home and fill in for those lost hours. 

If you want to know about warm-ups, strengthening exercises, bodyweight workouts, and the role of protein supplements for muscle recovery then read on. 

Benefits of Body Weight Training

Before stepping into building the routine, it is essential to know about the benefits of body weight training. 

  • Fat Loss- Body weight training can help in the loss of body fat and toning of muscles. Say goodbye to the loose muscle mass dangling from your arms and thighs. 
  • More Flexibility- The dynamic movements help enhance flexibility making a person more mobile and easier to stretch. 
  • Strength and Energy- If you complain about lethargy, loss of energy, and ability to do only limited activities then bodyweight training is a must for you. This will allow you to maximize energy and strength.
  • Full Body Target- Regular body weight training targets all areas of the body. Core, upper body, and lower body.  

The fitness routine at home targeting the whole body also saves money and makes working out a convenient affair. 

Guide to Body Weight Training Schedule

We can divide the exercises into 4 parts – Warm up, Upper Body, Core, and Lower Body.

You must always start with a light warm-up to prepare your body for the coming session. 


Let your warmup session be for not more than 10 minutes- easy arm circles, leg swings, hip rotations, side rotations, and neck turn- left and right can make your warm-up sessions a success. 


Push Ups – Target your chest, shoulder, and triceps with Push Ups. Do a minimum of 3 sets of 10-15 repeats each. 

Dips- Use a chair to do Dips. This engages the triceps and shoulders; it also trains for strength. Complete 3 sets with a repetition of 10-15 rounds each.   

Plank- This posture is great for the upper body and core. Stay in the Plank posture for 30-60 seconds and do not forget to engage your core. 


Squats- One of the most famous lower body, body weight exercises include Squats. This focuses on hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. If you are a beginner, try completing 10 squats of 3 rounds, and slowly increase the count to 15. 

Lunges- Lunges are done individually on each leg. It targets your glutes, hamstring, and quadriceps. Ensure to do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each. 

Glute Bridge- A modification of the Set Bandu Asana, Glute Bridges require you to lie on your back, bend your legs and lift the hips keeping your core engaged. A repetition of 10-15 would work wonders on your glutes and hamstrings. 


Toe dips, upward folded leg stretch, and leg lifts are some core-engaging exercises. 

Bicycle Crunches- This target your abdominals and obliques. Repeat 10-15 times 3 sets each for results. 

Russian Twists- Engaging your oblique the Russian Twists should be repeated 15 times X 3 sets. 

Plank Variations- It is important to challenge your core muscles through side planks and rotation planks. 

Role of Protein Supplements in Body Weight Training

It is essential to consume an adequate amount of protein while training at home or the gym. Protein supplements play an important role to-

  • Improve the process of muscle recovery and repair 
  • Support muscle growth and strength
  • Meet the daily protein need
  • Balance nutrient intake 
  • Improve muscle tone and body composition


Body weight training at home is a convenient way of keeping your body in shape, increasing its strength, and maximizing energy. Consuming authentic whey protein supplements along with a good diet and regular bodyweight training can help you reach your goals conveniently without investing money in the gym.   

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